Natural Calm Specifics Calmful Gut 6 oz


Natural Vitality CALM® with Probiotics was formulated to soothe digestive discomfort and support a healthy gut microbiome. It features Natural Vitality CALM® magnesium, along with probiotics, the amino acid glutamine, and a comprehensive digestive enzyme blend to help break down carbohydrates, protein and fats.*

  • Contains multi-award winning Natural Vitality CALM®to support healthy magnesium levels, and a unique formula of other ingredients designed to support digestive health*
  • Let go of worries as the stress-relieving power of magnesium eases away tension*
  • Delicious mixed berry flavor. Vegetarian and Non GMO Project Verified
  • The best-selling magnesium supplement in the natural products market


Many people take supplemental magnesium like Natural Vitality CALM® to support healthy magnesium levels. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is essential to good health. We then added probiotics, which support gut health and gastrointestinal balance. Natural Vitality CALM® with Probiotics consists of:

  • The same relaxing magnesium found in Natural Vitality CALM®, the multi-award-winning, best-selling magnesium supplement in the natural products market, anti-stress drink mix*
  • Two billion CFU of a healthy probiotic that does not require refrigeration and survives stomach acidity
  • The amino acid l-glutamine. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body and functions to provide energy for mucosal cells that make up the lining of the intestine
  • A comprehensive enzyme blend to support digestive health by helping break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats*
    Vegetarian & Gluten Free Non-GMO Project Verified

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    Natural Vitality CALM® with Probiotics