Herbal Eye Eyewash

Herbal Eyebright Eyewash Instructions

NOTE: This formula contains cayenne pepper. Some stinging will be experienced. This can be reduced by pouring boiling water into a cup, and then adding the formula to evaporate the alcohol in the formula (do not bring the formula to a boil or boil the herbs). If the formula stings the eyes to much, you may start with one drop and build up to the recommended 10-15 drops. Please start with small doses to have an understanding of how sensitive your eyes will be to this formula.

1) Add 10-15 drops to one cup of water. (or 1/4- 1/2 teaspoon of the bulk powder, steep for 15 minutes and strain off the mixture by using a coffee filter or muslin cloth).

2) When water is at a comfortable temperature, pour some into an eye cup.

3) Tilt head back and rinse one eye. Exercise them by rolling them and looking far up, down and side to side. Rinse for 2-10 minutes.

4) Discard used eyewash formula and pour new formula to wash other eye with. Rinse other eye in the same fashion.

5) If there is any leftover formula, you may drink it to approach the problem internally as well.

6) Continue for six days a week for six weeks. Rest at least one week if continuing use.