Raw Cacao Powder 8oz-Healthy Truth


Cacao powder is simply the cacao bean which through a cold-pressed process has had the fat (cacao butter) removed so it easily dissolves in liquid.

All bad things commonly associated with non-raw chocolate, such as cavities, weight gain and diabetes are caused by the dairy, sugar and other fillers added to chocolate – so no need to worry about any of that!

Cacao is filled with dietary fiber, iron, calcium, chromium, zinc, manganese, copper, and potassium. It also contains significant amounts of vitamin C, PEAs (the chemical our bodies create when we fall in love), and tryptophan (the “feel good” nutrient).

When in its raw form, the potential benefits of cacao include weight loss, regulation of blood sugar, and benefits to the heart and cardiovascular system as a whole. It’s the highest whole food source of magnesium (which is deficient in modern diets) and has more antioxidant flavones than blueberries, red wine and green and black teas.

Cacao powder dissolves easily in liquids making it a perfect addition to recipes and smoothies. It can also be added in desserts, or you can add cacao butter and a sweetener such as coconut nectar or agave nectar and make your own raw chocolate.

♥ Raw ♥ Organic ♥ Gluten-Free ♥ Dairy-Free ♥ Vegan ♥ Delicious ♥

INGREDIENTS: Organic raw cacao powder

++Processed in a facility with nuts

Country of Origin: Peru or Ecuador