The Gymnema sylvestre tree, which produces Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf is a native to the tropical forests of southern India. Wildcrafted herbs such as these have been part of India's traditional Ayurvedic medicine for some two thousand years.

The true effects of cut Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf are still being studied, and there has been little in the way of hard scientific proof of therapeutic uses. Those who are considering taking Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf or other kinds of natural herbs for therapeutic purposes should be aware that any claims made for this herb have not been endorsed by the FDA; use of this or any other herbs should be undertaken only under advice and guidance of a qualified naturopathic doctor or other healthcare professional.

 Botanical Name: Gymnema sylvestre

Common Names: Gurmarbooti, gurmar, periploca of the woods, meshasringi

Origin: India




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